KPI Dashboard

It is the system that measures the performance and progress of a company against its key objectives

Our Concept

A2A Digital built the effective KPI dashboard for end users (A2A Company) to report and give the value to the users (KPI with action plans) and cost effectiveness in help for customers to build A2A KPI dashboard project, data reliability and accuracy (Data Auditing and Governance).

Other Solutions

Security Service

Provides new ways of security services with a modern technology.

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KPI Dashboard System

Measures the performance and progress of a company against its key objectives.

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QR Code System

Brings you to the digital key or “QR Code” instead of physical key.

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Contact Center

We have the technology, industry, and contact center experience to help you succeed.

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Projection Mapping

A video projection technology that is used to transform non-flat surfaces.

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HRM System

Involves management functions like planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

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Logistic System

Involves order processing, inventory management, and freight transportation.

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Simple, powerful & affordable solution in the education system with SMS

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